What is a Resource?

The Learning Resources Content Collection is composed of over 360,000 digital learning resources. These resources include videos, images, learning games, timelines, standards documents, and so much more.

netTrekker offers access to the Content Collection providing multiple ways to find exactly what you’re looking for. The major ways are Search, Browse, Tools, and Featured, all of which are represented with tabs prominently available on every home page. This page explains the Search function. For more information on the Browse function, please click here.

A Keyword Search quickly filters through the Content Collection to produce a search result based on what you typed. Searching by keyword is faster than searching by subject — if you know which words to use and how to spell them.

Example of Search Functions

Using the Search function simply involves entering a keyword or phrase into the search box. But with netTrekker, you can be more specific about the kind of result you want. By choosing Web, Standard, Image, or Famous Person, you can fine-tune the types of resources which will be delivered in your Search Result.

In addition, these multiple ways of searching can be used together. Here’s an example.

Let’s say you know you want to learn about Abraham Lincoln.

1. You may begin by entering “Lincoln” (capitalization not required) in the search box. You’ll get hundreds of results in your Search Results. That’s great. You have plenty of material to read now. Many of the sites will be primarily about Abraham Lincoln, but some may be more about other topics that he was only a part of, or some may be about other people named Lincoln, or even other things named Lincoln (like Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles).

2. But you decide you’d like to see some pictures of Lincoln, too. At the top of your Search Result, there’s always a search box. Click on it and the Web, Images, and Famous Person buttons will reappear. Now click on Images and without having to reenter a keyword, you’ll get an Image Search result with plenty of pictures of Old Abe.

3. Now, perhaps, you decide you’d like to limit your results just to resources that are primarily about Abraham Lincoln. Again, click in the search box. This time, click on Famous Person. You’ll now get a list of famous people whose names contain “Lincoln” and you can choose the precise one who interests you. Click on Abraham Lincoln’s name to get a new search result, or click on the timeline icon () to see a timeline of events that happened around the world during Lincoln’s lifetime

4. Teachers, you can choose the Standards button at any time to find standards from your state and grade range that have something to do with Lincoln.

You can improve your search results by making sure that you spell your search terms correctly, and by using specific rather than general terms. For instance, if you search on Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address, you receive 30+ resources instead of the 300+ you receive by searching on Lincoln.

At the top of a search result page, you will often find a Did You Mean: list. The results in this list may be useful if you aren’t certain you spelled your search term correctly.

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