Viewing a Resource

Every search you do in netTrekker, whether Keyword, Subject Browse, Famous Person or Image Search, ultimately delivers a Result page that provides information about and links to resources that match your search.

To view a web resource, click one of the links on the Result page to go to that website. The resource opens in a new browser window. Your netTrekker browser window will still be open and you can view it without backing out of the web resource.

The elements in the new browser window frame allow you to use the TextHelp features on text from the resource if you choose to do so. Buttons in the frame also allow you to vote on the usefulness and value of the resource, which will provide additional information to other netTrekker users on the value of the page, beyond the Content Team Educator / Evaluator appraisal.

The top portion of the page displays the netTrekker frame around the web resource. It provides the managed URL of the resource (A),  as well as the means to use a variety of netTrekker tools. These include (B) Copy URL – useful for creating bibliographies; (C) Save button, to save the resource in My Portfolio; (D) Voting buttons; (E) a “Report Problem” link; and (F) the toggle for Texthelp tools.

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