Subject Browse

In netTrekker, resources are organized by academic subjects. One way you can refine your search is by drilling down through subjects, topics, and subtopics that best describe or define the concepts or subjects you are looking for. Use Browse > Subjects for this type of search. Scroll through the carousel of Subject choices, if necessary, using the orange arrows ( or ). If an arrow is gray, there are no choices available scrolling in that direction.

Location of Subject Browse
  1. Begin by choosing your subject.
  2. Read through the list of topics you receive and drill down by clicking the topic that most closely relates to your needs. Continue to click topics and subtopics until you find the specific topic you are looking for. A “bread crumb” trail of the topics you select, called a taxonomy string, is displayed at the top of the page. To return to a broader topic, click the corresponding link within the taxonomy string. Each time you choose a topic as you drill down through a category, you will find a list of resources directly related to your topic. At this point, you can click on one of the titles in the list to view the resource, OR
  3. Click on View All Content for This Topic to see a full result for that topic, including descriptions of the resources.
    Example of Drilling Down Through Subjects


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