Search Within Results

When you do a keyword search, your search results will often come from more than a single subject. You can narrow your search result to the subject that most interests you by using the subject links on the left side of your search result page. This way, you can combine the power of a global search with the fine tuning of browsing subjects. This is especially helpful when a keyword has different aspects of meaning depending on the subject area. Take, for instance, the word “element.” A simple keyword search returns many hundreds of web results and those results come from more than a dozen different subjects.

If there is a vertical blue slider bar in the Subjects list, you can scroll the list to see all the choices available. If no vertical blue slider bar is present, all available choices are displayed.

Example of Search Within Results

If you are most interested in the periodic table of elements, once you have your general search result, you can start clicking through the subject listed and find exactly what you want. Begin by clicking on Science, then drill down just as you would using the Subject Browse, until you reach Periodic Table of Elements. Anytime you go deeper than you want, you can just click back up the list.

Each time you make a selection, your search results list changes to reflect the narrower focus of that subject area.

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