Saving a Search

Note: If you access netTrekker through your school’s IP address, you will have access to “community” spaces such as your school’s portfolio or your district’s portfolio within My Portfolio, but you will not be able to save anything in a portfolio yourself unless you are registered as an individual user. You can register for free as an individual user if you want to use this feature.

Location of My Portfolio
  1. Perform a Search and Get a Search Result
    Perform a Subject Search, Keyword Search, Famous Person Search, Image Search, or Standards Search (teachers only). You can also save any timeline, whether it is one you create or one of the prearranged timelines.
  2. Save Your Search
  • You can choose to save a group of resources from a search result all at once by clicking on the check boxes next to the resource title (or below it in the case of an image). You may choose to save up to 20 resources at a time.
Example of saving a group of resources
Example of saving a single Resource
  • You can choose to save any specific resource from your search results. When you click on a web resource, it will be opened in the netTrekker frame. Just click to save that resource to your My Portfolio. You will then be prompted to place that resource within a folder in your portfolio. You can either highlight an existing folder and save the resource there or create a new folder for the resource.
Examples of placing resource in folders

  • When you choose to save resources, all the folders that currently exist in your portfolio will be listed. Highlight the folder in which you would like to save this resource. Note: All the folders that exist in your portfolio are shown here, even if you do not have the rights to save content to some of them.
  • If you choose to add a folder and save your resources there, click Add Folder at the top of the Save Content box, and fill out the new dialog box that appears. A shows you where the new folder will be placed. B is where you will enter a title for the new folder.

If you do not want to create a new folder at this point, you also have the opportunity to do so anytime you click on the My Portfolio link.

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