Report a Problem

Because the Internet is a dynamic environment, sites that are live one day may be dead the next. netTrekker has a process that uses both automation and human review to check for dead or inappropriate sites, which are then deleted or corrected.

In addition, netTrekker provides a tool through which users can report problems with links. When such a report is made, the netTrekker staff will take the appropriate action of removing or correcting the link.

Follow these steps to report a link problem:

  • Click on “View Details” button on result
Example of View Content Detail link
  • Click on Report a Problem button
Example of Report a Problem button
  • Complete Report a Problem form
Example of Report a Problem form

Note that the title of the site that you tried to access is already listed on the form. You will be asked to identify the type of problem you encountered with the link or resource. Click on the button next to the statement that best describes the problem you encountered.

You may also add a brief comment in the “Additional Comments” box if you feel the problem needs further explanation.

When you click , you will be returned to the Content Details box.

You can also access the Report a Problem form by clicking on the Report a Problem link that appears in the header above any viewed resource.

Example of Report a Problem link in header

If you have other types of feedback, such as sites you’d like to see added, or other ideas for netTrekker, please use the Contact Us link that is found in the Useful Links section of the footer on every netTrekker page.

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