netTrekker and the Schoology LMS

Leveraging the Learning Resources Content Collection and netTrekker features in your Schoology LMS is EASY. There are several options where you can easily launch the full netTrekker application or choose to embed content from the Content Collection. These different options utilize the features in your Schoology LMS and your netTrekker credentials so you will not have to additionally login to netTrekker.

Instructions for administrators and teachers to utilize the netTrekker and Schoology integration are available below:

Where can you launch the full netTrekker application in your Schoology instance?

If your Schoology administrator enabled the option, the left navigation bar of each course will contain an option “Go to netTrekker”.

Where can netTrekker content be embedded in your Schoology courses?

Using the netTrekker external tool, the embed can take place in many different areas of a course, but the process of adding resources is very similar. Content can be embedded via a course announcement, an assignment, discussions, pages, the course syllabus, quizzes and through course modules.

What does netTrekker look like in Schoology?

Check out this video for a glimpse of how netTrekker looks in Schoology.

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