Joining Classes

A. Joining a Class

Once a teacher has created a class in his or her portfolio, students or other teachers can join that class by using the Class code which the teacher provides. To join a class, simply click on the My Portfolio link in My Menu, then click on at the top of the page. To help with the process, a teacher can print out instructions for this process, which will include the Class Name and the Class Code.

B. Participating in a Class

Copying your resources into the class folder is often a better option than moving them because copying means that you retain an original version in your own portfolio.

Once you have joined a class, you can participate in it in several ways. You can access and view any resources which are made available in the class portfolio by clicking on the class name in your own portfolio, then clicking on the specific resource. You can also add resources to the class by Moving or Copying resources from your own portfolio into the class. One unique type of resource the teacher might request each member of the class to contribute to the class portfolio is a Digital Literacy Template for a specific web resource. Hint: To cut down on possible confusion when many class members are contributing to class resources, be sure to include a unique identifier for your contributions, such as adding your name or initials to titles.

When you no longer need to participate in a given class, you can easily remove yourself from it by clicking on the unjoin link next to the title of the class in your portfolio list. Be sure that you Move or Copy any resources into your own portfolio or other folders before you unjoin,  or you will lose them. You will also need to Move or Copy resources if the teacher chooses to delete the class.

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