Interactive Orientation Guide

More Search Options
To refine your search by readability index, subject, type of resource and more, use More Search Options.
Videos and Help
To review video tutorials or access a searchable knowledge base for help, select the camera and question icons.
Search Options
Select Famous Person and then enter a name to select from a set of resources and timelines related to that famous person.
Search Options
Select Images and then enter a keyword or phrase to find only images related to that topic from the netTrekker collection.
Search Options
Select Standards and then enter a keyword or phrase to search for standards related to that topic and aligned content to help you meet instructional objectives with your students.
Search Options
To begin your search, select Web and then enter a keyword or phrase. This will search all of the web resources in the netTrekker collection.
Grade Level Toggles
To view content for different grade levels, select the Academic Level. The default academic level can be changed in your preferences.
User Menu
Use this menu to access your Profile and Preferences to change passwords or default standards and TextHelp settings.
My Menu
Use this menu to access My Portfolio, Support Center, Knovation Blog and Featured Upgrades.

Explore Quickly & Learn Differently

Use netTrekker's powerful search tools to find just the right digital resources you need. Explore the many ways netTrekker can personalize the learning experience.

Different themes are available for different academic levels - for example Elementary Themes are available at the Elementary grade level toggle.
Use the arrow icons to navigate the available items.


Use Browse to find resources organized by subjects, themes, topics and sub-topics.

Search by standard topic or subject area to find aligned learning content to address the objectives in your state or common sets of standards in which you are helping your learners reach mastery.
Search by subject, topic, time period and generate timelines that are dynamically linked to associated learning resources and connections to other timelines or topics.
Famous Person
Search by name, characteristic or even time period to access lists of famous people with associated learning resources.

Use Tools for additional ways to find resources aligned to standards or associated with famous people or to generate a dynamic timeline.

The Featured content tab lets you directly access resources from your school's or district's premium subscriptions that have been integrated into netTrekker.

Your netTrekker account manager can integrate content like your BrainPOP subscriptions into your Featured Content tab to make searching all your digital content more efficient.

Digital Learning Content Results

The Readability refinements are intended to help teachers determine the overall accessibility of the text in a resource before they use it with a student. More details about the Readability score a resource receives can be found in the View Details option for each result.
To show additional search options, select Search.
Use this menu to filter the search results by Readability, Student or Teacher Recommendation, or other options.
Use Refine Search to narrow the search results based on Multimedia, Learning Aids, Readability, Languages and Featured Content.
To narrow the search results based on subject areas, select a subject or sub-topic.
To find additional content details such as website and readability rating details, select View Details.
To apply your refinement choices to the result, click the refine button and your results will be displayed with those filters applied.
R.efinement choices under the Learning Aids group are intended for instructional use by teachers
To vote on a resource, select the Like or Dislike icon. Votes are accumulated and the results are indicated in the search results.
Once Texthelp is on, simply highlight the text you want assistance with, then select the options in the toolbar. The Read Aloud options allow you to control the playback and change the speed or type of voice.
Once Texthelp is on, simply highlight the text you want assistance with, then select the options in the toolbar. The Definition option will launch a dictionary-based definition of the highlighted word with an option to hear the definition read aloud.
Once Texthelp is on, simply highlight the text you want assistance with, then select the options in the toolbar. The Visual Definition option will launch an image-based definition of the highlighted word.
Once Texthelp is on, simply highlight the text you want assistance with, then select the options in the toolbar. The Translation option will launch a translation of the highlighted word or passage with an option to hear the translation read aloud in the translated language. Your translation will default to the choice for Texthelp in your preferences.
The Texthelp feature can be used for Read Aloud, Text Definitions, Visual Definitions and Translation Support.
Copy for Citation
To select and copy the URL for a resource to your clipboard, click Copy for Citation. The information can then be pasted into a citation builder or document.
To add this resource to your My Portfolio folders, select Save.
Integration with Google Classroom
Your netTrekker account manager can enable single sign-on and the ability to push resources into your Google Classroom courses.

Digital Learning Content Example

Google Classroom Integration
Use the Google Classroom integration to push the entire My Porfolio folder of resources you have navigated to into your Google Classroom course. Your netTrekker account manager can set up Google single sign-on and Classroom integration for you.
Folder Information
To see the folder owner, creator and other permissions, select the folder information icon. You will only see the folder information for the current folder. To see information for additional folders, navigate to the desired folder then select the folder information icon.
Add Website
To add links to class blogs or other external resources not found in netTrekker, navigate to the desired folder then select Add Website.
Edit Functions
To change the item name, description or permissions, select the edit option in the top toolbar for the current folder OR to the right of individual items in a folder.
New Folder
To create folders for organizing resources, select New Folder.
To share resources with your class, school or district you can select items in your My Portfolio and Copy (place a duplicate item) into those folder locations. The original will remain in the current folder.
To move resources out of one location and into another location in My Portfolio, select a checkbox and then Move.
Item Selection Boxes
In order to Move, Copy or Delete items in a folder or even an entire folder, you must use the item selection boxes to select the items you wish to move, copy or delete.

My Portfolio

Use My Portfolio to save digital content including images, timelines, and standards results and then share these resources with others in your class, school or district.


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