How Do I Suggest Resources to the Content Team?

New web resources are created every minute, as you know. We value your assistance in maintaining the most current database of educational web resources.

To send us your new web resource suggestion, click the Contact Us link, which appears in the footer of every page in netTrekker. Use the Email Us option to send us information about your suggested resource. Be sure to include the complete URL (website address). If you would also like to include information about the site, and perhaps how you have used it in your learning or teaching, that too would be helpful to us.

You will notice that the email form is already prepopulated with some information about you – your username, organization, and the IP address of the computer you are using. All you need to add is your email address (so we can contact you, if necessary if we need further information), a subject line (from the drop-down box), and your message. Then click  and leave the rest to us.

Example of Email Us Form

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