Google Single Sign On and Google Classroom

Many schools and districts are taking advantage of the Google tools offered to education organizations. The G Suite for Education (formerly called Google Apps for Education) core services are the heart of Google’s educational offering to schools. The core services are Gmail, Calendar, Classroom, Contacts, Drive, Docs, Forms, Groups, Sheets, Sites, Slides, Talk/Hangouts and Vault.

Through Google’s collaboration tools you can enable both a single sign on to netTrekker and the ability for users to push content from netTrekker into their Google Classroom courses as assignments, questions or announcements. This process is quick and easy to set up. The benefit to your organization is two-fold:

  1.  netTrekker subscription user management is no longer needed (single sign on allows you to manage your users in the Google instance rather than in netTrekker). Easy single sign on experience instructions are available here:
  2. Users who are designing and delivering blended learning via Google Classroom have a quick and efficient way to embed content in their courses (either a single resource OR a folder of resources curated within netTrekker). Easy instructions for teachers to embed netTrekker content in their Classroom courses available here:

Check out more about the Google Integration here:

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