English Language Learners Theme

netTrekker’s English Language Learners theme, designed specifically for students learning English as an additional language and for the teachers who work with them, offers content directly related to students for whom English is not their¬†first language. To access these resources, click on the Browse tab, then select ELL from the Themes section at the bottom.

Example of Browse – Themes – ELL

The section splits into three pathways:

  • ELL Skill Development
  • Multicultural Pavilion
  • ELL Reference Tools

ELL Skill Development

ELL Skill Development directs you to sites on reading and writing skills, listening skills, speaking skills, critical thinking, and fluency. For educators, netTrekker provides access to a broad collection of resources on ELL teaching methodologies (bilingual education, English immersion, scaffolding, etc.), assessment, research, and proficiency standards. An ELL Parent Support section is also included.

Multicultural Pavilion

The Multicultural Pavilion provides geographic and cultural information on continents, countries, and regions. Resources on ethnic identity, acculturation, cultural sensitivities, diversity, cultural heritage, and social justice issues are also included here.

ELL Reference Tools

The ELL Reference Tools area provides resources intended to help non-English speaking students with research and information finding. Resources such as translation guides and fact finders can be found here.

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