Creating Classes

In order to create a class, you first need to be designated as a Teacher or Admin in netTrekker. As a default, all users within a school are originally designated as students. See Changing to Teacher Role for more information.

There are three simple steps to create a class:

1. Click the Create Class button at the top of your portfolio.


2. Complete the Create Class form.

A. Choose a title that will distinguish this class from any others you might create. This information is required.

B. Include some description if the type of material your class might contain. This information is optional.

C. Create a unique class code which you will provide only to those people you want to join your class.

D. Click .

3. When you create a class, you need to communicate both the class name and the class code to those who are supposed to join the class. You’ll find a link [Instructions to class] next to your class title in your portfolio. Click that link to access a printable copy of instructions for joining your class.

Example of Instructions to Join Class

Once you have created a class, you can Move or Copy any type of saved resource into it. This will allow you to point all members of that class to a specific selection of resources. Also, once people have joined your class, they can Move or Copy any type of resource into the class, as well, including Digital Literacy Templates or User-Defined Templates.

If you want people to be able to Move or Copy resources into the class, or to add/edit content of Digital Literacy Templates or User-Defined Templates, you need to change the Default Allow to Change permission, which is “Any teacher in this Organization,” to “Any User in this Class.” Then, once people have accessed your passcode folder, they can Move or Copy any type of resource from their portfolios into the class folder. This is a good way to facilitate collaboration on projects.

When you delete a class, everyone who joined the class will lose access to all resources which were in that class. It would be helpful for you to warn them first, so they can move their resources out of the class if they wish.

Your class will be listed in your portfolio and will also appear in the portfolios of all who join your class. When you no longer need your class portfolio, you can then delete it by clicking on the Delete link. Before you delete a class, you will need to move any resources that you want to keep. You can move them back into your portfolio or into any folder in your portfolio.

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