Academic Level Toggle

Depending on how you (and/or your organization) have registered as a netTrekker user, your home page will default to Elementary, Middle, or High academic level. Choosing a different academic level will change the context of netTrekker to one that provides suitable resources for the selected grades. For example, if you choose the Elementary level, subjects and evaluated resources are geared toward kindergarten through fifth grade students. Teachers can also find lesson plans and materials for those grades. Likewise,choosing the Middle or High level will provide different views of netTrekker, with resources and results geared to those academic levels.

  • Elementary designation is defined as grades kindergarten through five.
  • Middle designation is defined as grades six through eight.
  • High designation is defined as grades nine through twelve.

There are two ways to change your netTrekker academic level. The first is to change it by going to My Preferences and editing your Academic Level preference there. See Edit Your Preferences for more information on this method.

The second way to change your academic level changes your context temporarily. In the top left corner of the netTrekker page, you will find the Academic Level Toggles. Your current academic level is highlighted. When you click on a different level on the home page, you will view a slightly different home page for each level. When you click on a different academic level from a Content Result page, you will receive a different set of results for each level. Your newly chosen academic level will remain until you change it, or until you log out. When you log back in, your academic level will return to your default level set or changed through My Preferences.

Example of Academic Level Toggle

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