UDL and netTrekker

Using netTrekker and the Learning Resources Content Collection to serve the diverse needs of all learners can be a very effective strategy. The Content Collection and netTrekker application are delivered with Universal Design for Learning in mind. Learn more below:

English Language Learners Theme

netTrekker’s English Language Learners theme, designed specifically for students learning English as an additional language and for the teachers who work with them, offers content directly related to students for whom English is not their first language. To access these resources, click on the Browse tab, then select ELL from the […]

More Search Options

netTrekker gives you the ability to personalize your search results by refining your results to find specific types of content. When a search result contains websites that have more than one form of content, using the More Search Options link opens a menu of choices you can use to refine […]

Refine Search

The five Refine Search Menus can be used individually or in conjunction with one another. You can choose any, all, or none of the active choices in a menu. To choose a type of refinement, click on the check box next to it. When you have chosen all the refinements […]

Literacy Supports for All Learners

Making content accessible to all learners is crucial to leverage the work that has been done to find learning opportunities to support those learners. When you look at content online, one of the many barriers to understanding the content is the struggle to read the text. If you have struggling […]

Partner Content Providers

The last tab on the Home page is “Featured.” netTrekker includes many resource collections among its resources. Some of these are included in all netTrekker subscriptions; others are offered as premium content. If your school or organization has purchased subscriptions to one or more of these premium collections, you can […]

Filtering Controversial Content

There are two ways to remove sites which have been tagged as controversial from your search result. Option 1 – Search Results Filter You can remove Controversial content from your individual search result by using the More Search Options feature. Click on the More Search Options link which appears just […]