Famous Person

With netTrekker’s Famous Person Search, you can quickly and easily locate information about well-known people, including political leaders, athletes, scientists, artists, writers, and more. The Famous Person Search is one of the options accessible using the Search function. These options (Web, Image, Famous Person, and, for teachers and admins, Standards) […]

Searching in netTrekker

netTrekker offers hundreds of thousands of resources to its users. It also offers multiple ways to find exactly what you’re looking for. The major ways are Search, Browse, Tools, and Featured, all of which are represented with tabs prominently available on every home page. This page explains the Search function. […]

Academic Level Toggle

Depending on how you (and/or your organization) have registered as a netTrekker user, your home page will default to Elementary, Middle, or High academic level. Choosing a different academic level will change the context of netTrekker to one that provides suitable resources for the selected grades. For example, if you […]

Home Page for Teachers and Students

The Teacher Home Page features elements of netTrekker created especially for teachers. The Home page has three distinct sections: the User Controls, the Header Bar, and Resource Discovery. The main section of the Home Page includes the Resource Discovery capabilities that make netTrekker so powerful. Search netTrekker is designed specifically […]

Literacy Support Tools on Mobile Devices

netTrekker is compatible for use on mobile devices. These devices often utilize a default browser with less features than a full version browser for a desktop or laptop machine. Because a mobile browser on a mobile device controls how content is displayed/enabled, netTrekker may behave differently when being viewed on different mobile […]

LMS Apps and netTrekker

Many learning management systems (LMS) have apps for use on mobile devices. These apps primarily allow users to create courses, manage courses, and participate in courses in a more convenient mobile format.  Because an app on a mobile device controls what other apps are enabled through its use, netTrekker may behave […]

netTrekker on Your iOS Device

Many school districts are providing iPads for their students. Any device utilizing the Apple iOS will be subject to some of the limitations of that operating system and how it handles some online content. Approximately 15% of the resources currently included in the Learning Resources Content Collection are developed with […]

My School Filter is Blocking a Resource

netTrekker offers safe, academically relevant, educator reviewed resources. It is recommended that schools modify their content filter and “whitelist” any site with a referrer from the netTrekker and associated domains. The following domains must be allowed for proper netTrekker operation. *.nettrekker.com — netTrekker product *.knov8.services — authentication services *.speechstream.net — […]