Content Details

Each resource listed in a Web Search Result is accompanied by additional information beyond its title. On the Content Result page, you will see only the title and a brief description of each resource. To learn the most about the resource, click on the View Content Details link, which appears […]

Search Results Page

Whether you use the keyword search box or browse by subjects to generate a Search Result, the Search Result page will include a common set of elements. After this brief overview of the elements of a Search Result page, you may wish to click on links below for further information […]


netTrekker’s Timeline tool provides a chronological index of eras, events, arts and innovations, and famous people throughout history. Zoom into a specific period of history, compare and contrast major innovations across continents, or layer artistic works onto periods of history. netTrekker gives users the power to view history piece by […]


Select a theme: 21st Century Skills Current Events ELL (English Language Learners) Resources Teacher Resources 21st Century Skills 21st Century skills embrace a wide variety of skills which teachers have always considered important but which are viewed with a new focus. These include such things as the ability to think both critically and creatively, and the […]

Subject Browse

In netTrekker, resources are organized by academic subjects. One way you can refine your search is by drilling down through subjects, topics, and subtopics that best describe or define the concepts or subjects you are looking for. Use Browse > Subjects for this type of search. Scroll through the carousel […]


netTrekker offers hundreds of thousands of resources to its users. It also offers multiple ways to find exactly what you’re looking for. The two major ways are Browse and Search, which are prominently available on every home page. This page explains the Browse function. For more information on the Search […]

Image Search

Image Search offers a quick and easy way to find images to use in lessons, presentations, and other assignments. Using the Search tab, you can search specifically for image results by clicking on the Images button before you execute your search. You can also execute a keyword search first, then […]

Standards Results

The Standards feature is available only to those netTrekker users who are registered as teachers and/or admins. netTrekker partners with Academic Benchmarks, a market-leading company that specializes in academic standards resource alignment. Working together, we have developed a comprehensive, state of the art alignment process that utilizes both human review […]

Search Within Results

When you do a keyword search, your search results will often come from more than a single subject. You can narrow your search result to the subject that most interests you by using the subject links on the left side of your search result page. This way, you can combine […]