N/A Scores

A search result that displays an N/A instead of a 1 to 5 score indicates that netTrekker was unable to calculate a readability score for that learning resource. Failure to calculate scores can result for a variety of reasons including: Learning resource content is not in a suitable format (e.g. […]


What does readability mean? A readability score is a measure of the relative accessibility of written text usually reported as a numerical value keyed either to a grade level or to a point scale. It is usually calculated using a mathematical formula that considers features of a given text, such as […]

Sharing Folders – Advanced Options

Default Rights or Permissions to folders in My Content Default rights are designed to allow the majority of My Portfolio users to save and share their own searches and see other searches that are meaningful to them without having to change the View or Modify rights associated with the content […]

Joining Classes

A. Joining a Class Once a teacher has created a class in his or her portfolio, students or other teachers can join that class by using the Class code which the teacher provides. To join a class, simply click on the My Portfolio link in My Menu, then click on […]

Creating Classes

In order to create a class, you first need to be designated as a Teacher or Admin in netTrekker. As a default, all users within a school are originally designated as students. See Changing to Teacher Role for more information. There are three simple steps to create a class: 1. […]

Managing Folders

Folders in My Portfolio are managed through the use of the buttons at the top and bottom of the Portfolio box. The functions of each of the buttons immediately under the blue bar which shows the folder name apply to that specific folder and are called Folder Control Buttons. The […]

Saving a Search

Note: If you access netTrekker through your school’s IP address, you will have access to “community” spaces such as your school’s portfolio or your district’s portfolio within My Portfolio, but you will not be able to save anything in a portfolio yourself unless you are registered as an individual user. […]

Sorting Results

The Sorting feature in netTrekker allows users to sort Web Content Results according to a variety of criteria. Sorting a list of search results will not remove any results from your list but it will order them in a way which might make them more useful to you. You can […]


netTrekker values the experience of our users and would like you to share your responses to individual resources that you find in your Search Results. Our Voting feature allows you to do just that. When you access a resource from a Search Result, it will open in a frame that […]

Viewing a Resource

Every search you do in netTrekker, whether Keyword, Subject Browse, Famous Person or Image Search, ultimately delivers a Result page that provides information about and links to resources that match your search. To view a web resource, click one of the links on the Result page to go to that […]